Close the FedEx Loophole

Congress may soon vote on a bill to close the FedEx loophole that makes it harder for FedEx workers to unionize.

For years the corporation has used its lobbying muscle to be classified as an airline. This puts FedEx under the Railway Labor Act, which makes it much harder for workers to organize a union. Every other freight and parcel carrier—including UPS—is covered by the National Labor Relations Act. Both UPS and the Teamsters Union are supporting an effort to close the FedEx loophole. UPS is even having employees write letters to politicians on company time.

Many members are rightly suspicious. UPS’s anti-labor record is well known. And in typical UPS management style, some supervisors have used bullying tactics to get members to sign letters.

Closing the FedEx loophole is the right thing to do for workers’ rights. Management needs to show some respect for OUR rights in the process.

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