Crossing the Line on Safety Quizzes

We’re all familiar with UPS’s pop quizzes on the 10-Point Commentary and other company safety-speak. The company has decided it’s not enough for drivers to work safely and follow proper methods. They want us to recite their methods word-for-word.

The company can make us play the game, but there are limits. And some managers are stepping over the line. In some instances, UPS has threatened to take drivers out of service without pay if they can’t properly answer questions. If this is happening in your area, we want to know about it. Click here to send us a message.

Disciplining a driver for giving incorrect answers on a safety quiz is completely against the contract. The company can require you to participate in safety audits, complete quizzes, and even study their safety tips. Do not refuse to answer questions or tell management that you refuse to learn the rules.

But under the contract, UPS does not have the right to discipline you for answering questions incorrectly.

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