Draw the Line on 22.3 Jobs

The International Union should make UPS fill every vacant 22.3 job as a condition of any early contract settlement.

“It’s time to win contract language that fills every 22.3 job and protects them for the future. We need language so 22.3 Teamsters have seniority, bidding, and overtime rights and part-timers have the right to fill 22.3 positions when someone goes on vacation or comp. We are talking about 20,000 Teamsters who have virtually no contract language outlining their rights. That’s got to change.”
Lawrence Cruz, Steward, Local 396, Covina, Calif.

Our contract requires UPS to maintain 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs and to provide the International Union with a list detailing where each and every one of those jobs is.

But this language has become a joke.

The company has eliminated thousands of 22.3 jobs. They’ve converted good combo jobs into hard-hard jobs.

Article 22.3 jobs are supposed to be on back-to-back shifts. But management has many 22.3 Teamsters working split shifts.

Teamster locals across the country have filed grievances saying the company has eliminated 22.3 jobs. But the National Grievance Panel doesn’t hear the cases. They just get referred back to the locals for settlement.

At the local level, the company claims that the jobs have been moved into another local union and then refuses to provide any information about where the jobs have been moved because they are outside of the grieving local’s jurisdiction.

The International Union is of no help. The IBT has no accurate record of how many 22.3 jobs are filled, how many are vacant and where the jobs are.

Contract enforcement is impossible under these circumstances and Teamster members are paying the price. Full-time 22.3 Teamsters are laid off. And part-timers can’t get the 22.3 jobs they deserve.

Draw the Line in Negotiations
The company wanted early contract negotiations so they can keep their customers happy. Teamster members have to demand contract gains in return.

The International Union needs to make UPS fill every vacant 22.3 position as a condition of any early contract settlement.

Article 22.3 should be amended to require UPS to provide the International and Local Unions with a regularly updated accurate list of every 22.3 job in the country so that these positions can be monitored and protected.

Teamster members went on nationwide strike—and we won 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs as a result. Now management is eliminating those jobs and making a mockery of our contract and grievance procedure in the process.

Our International Union needs to draw the line in contract negotiations, win the full-time 22.3 jobs we’re entitled to and protect them for the future.

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One Response to Draw the Line on 22.3 Jobs

  1. michael says:

    this current contract we have was a disgrace! in return we have members waiting on 22.3 jobs that are going on 10plus years with the company including myself. i have been saying this and i will say it again ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” this coming contract we need more $ and more 22.3 fulltime jobs so that inside part-timers have the option if they would like to go fulltime. we need stronger language in the contract as well so that ups has to maintain these jobs! as of right now ups is just playing games with this current contract and in return all part-timers are suffering for it . the international needs to make sure that we get these fulltime jobs come early negotiations. Ontop of that the international should be making the company fill all the fulltime jobs that are owed to us before these early negotiations even start. not only is the company currently not creating new 22.3 jobs under this contract but they arent even filling empty 22.3 spots. how is the international even allowing this to happen? i want to see my union dues go to work ; i want to be proud to be a ups teamster! and as of right now under this contract im def not proud to be either. i dont want to read whats going to happen, i want to see ACTION!!! if the company doesnt give us a good contract we all need to come together and VOTE NO!!!!cause in the end UPS is profitable because of its members so we should all be getting a piece of the pie. so if the company is making record profits , then why are the members getting nickled and dimed?

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