Feeder Sups Taking Work in St. Louis

The ink on the new contract is barely dry and already feeder supervisors at the Earth City facility in suburban St. Louis are testing the limits of union resolve. In the weeks following Christmas, supervisors have been spotted switching trailers and making returns on the overflow peak season trailers. Subcontractors also continue to run through the gates post peak.

Seasonal hires would love to be doing this work but UPS would have to hire them on full time should they get called to work after January 1.

Grievances have been filed with Local 688 but violations like these are undoubtedly occurring nationwide. Are they happening in your area? Click here to let us know. Members need to file on working supervisors and press their officers and the IBT Parcel Division to get serious about addressing these issues. We need full time job creation at UPS and here’s a great place to start.

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