Hoffa and Hall Surrender on Full-Time Jobs

The most common grievance on the docket for the June National Grievance Panel dealt with Article 22.3 and UPS’s elimination of full-time combo jobs we won in the 1997 strike.

But once again the International Union did not hear a single Article 22.3 grievance at the National Panel in June.  The IBT has ignored this issue going on three years. The contract requires UPS to maintain 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs–but thousands of these positions are vacant or were never created in the first place.  The Article 22.3 language is clear and makes no exception for falling volume. In fact, the language with that exception was negotiated out of the contract.

Members across the country have filed hundreds of 22.3 grievances to save these jobs. But the International Union has refused to hear any of them at the national level.

Ken Hall, Hoffa’s point man at UPS, told a national conference call of UPS stewards that “2009 was not the right time” to enforce Article 22.3.  Hall promised action would come when the economy turned around.

That was in March.  Since then, UPS announced that it made more half a billion in profits in the first three months of this year alone—a 33 percent hike in First Quarter profits.

But Hoffa and Hall continue to sit on their hands.  Could it be they are more interested in collecting money from the Big Brown dues machine than in enforcing our contract?

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