Hoffa-Hall Have Pollsters Ask if Healthcare Should be Renegotiated at UPS

July 10, 2013: Hoffa and Hall are so out of touch with rank and file Teamsters, they have hired a telemarketing company to ask UPS Teamsters what it will take to settle the contract!

Research Center in Zeeland Michigan is making the calls to a sample of UPS Teamsters from across the country.

Here’s the most interesting question that Hoffa and Hall had the telemarketers ask:  “Would it be advisable for the union to reopen the master agreement and renegotiate the health care?”

Hoffa and Hall have told local officials to lie to members and that it is “impossible” to renegotiate healthcare. Now their own survey asks members about doing just that!

Ever the politicians, Hoffa and Hall had the pollsters ask what you think of each of them.

Another question asks about who is your most credible source of information. The first choice given is TDU!

Credible source of information? We’re sure Hoffa and Hall won’t get a high score on that one.

This survey is paid for with your dues money. So will Hoffa and Hall release the results to the members? Will they even share the survey results with local union officers?

One question asks if members vote No on the second vote, would you be willing to consider a strike?

The survey is very thorough, and takes nearly 20 minutes. If you get a call, be sure to give them some good material.

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