How Hoffa & Co. Watered Down Our 9.5 Rights

If you think the 9.5 Opt-In procedure is overly complicated and too weak, you’re right. And it’s no accident. Management set out to water down our protections from excessive OT and the Hoffa administration has gone along.

Before this contract, every package driver had the right to file a 9.5 grievance any time they worked more than 9.5 hours three times in a week.

Coming into negotiations, members wanted to strengthen these rights to stop management stonewalling in the grievance procedure and harassment of members who filed 9.5 grievances.

Instead Hoffa and Ken Hall agreed to concessions. Under the new language, drivers had to sign an Opt-In list or they lost their right to file a 9.5 grievance.

But this giveback wasn’t enough for UPS. The company demanded mid-contract changes that would further weaken our 9.5 rights. Once again, the International Union went along!

Last year, the company and union announced new guidelines. Now drivers have to work 9.5 three times in a week before they can even qualify for the 9.5 list. Additional loopholes gutted the rights of unassigned drivers and drivers with extended routes.

Excessive overtime violations soared. The Hoffa administration says it’s the members’ fault.

Ken Hall recently blamed run-away excessive overtime on members and local unions for filing grievances “with no facts.”  Hall claimed he could do little about the problem because the national grievance panel sees few 9.5 cases.

First, they watered down our 9.5 protections to make it harder for members to file grievances. Now they blame the lack of 9.5 enforcement on the members.

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