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One Response to Make UPS Deliver in 2012

  1. Asskicker says:

    I constantly read the same posts before every contract…the tough guy let’s hold Hoffa accountable BS. Yet why do his shitty contracts always pass?? Either you people are caving in and voting yes to this shit or the vote is rigged…which wouldn’t surprise me either. UPS has Hoffa in their pocket and if the big shots get a good deal under the table, then we won’t. It’s politics remember??? If you think the Union isn’t as corrupt at the top as the government you are living in a bubble. Vote NO, NO, NO!!! Unless Hoffa finally comes up with a decent contract. We all know it’s not upheld after it passes, but certain things they have no out like a raise in the Part Time pension, Starting wages, Wage progression…etc. Making the company pay double time for Sups working really does no good when the company constantly deadlocks grievances and they go on for years. Where in the hell is the Teamster muscle??? Why are we not threatening some sort of action and just letting the company walk all over us MR. HOFFA???? What a joke. And yet who once again won re-election? He’s a crook people. What the hell are you people thinking?

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