No Justice on Full-Time Job Elimination

National Grievance Panel Comes Up Empty

The National Grievance Committee meeting in Philadelphia, June 8 to 11 was the International Union’s opportunity to make UPS create all 20,000 full-time combo jobs that are required by Article 22.3 of the contract.

Hoffa and Hall continued to let management have its way with eliminating the full-time jobs we won in the 1997 strike. The only Article 22.3 case settled at the panel went in management’s favor.  That case (N-11-09) involved the Dallas Full-Time Job Massacre—where, in one blow, UPS eliminated more than 100 combo jobs at the DFW airport and reduced full-time Teamsters to part-time pay and assigned them to work split shifts.

Local 767 officials report that the massacre will stand. The union will not require UPS to fill the more than 100 combo jobs eliminated at DFW Airport even though the company is thousands of jobs short of maintaining the 20,000 combo jobs required by the contract.

Of the dozen other grievances on combo job elimination slated to be heard at the panel, one was withdrawn and twelve were postponed.  The UPS National Grievance Committee won’t meet again until October.  In the meantime, UPS continues to eliminate more full-time combo jobs everyday and thousands of UPS Teamsters are being denied full-time work.

UPS Teamsters across the country signed petitions calling on the International Union to take national grievance action on this issue.

Members deserve an answer from Hoffa and Hall. What, if anything, will the International Union do to defend the full-time jobs that working Teamsters won in the 1997 UPS strike?

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