Protect Yourself with The OJS Tracking Sheet

TDU has produced a new tool to help package car drivers protect themselves.

Use the OJS Tracking Sheet to stop UPS from using your OJS to hold you to an inflated SPORH.
Is management coming after drivers in your center for production? If so, you’re not alone. Across the country, UPS is writing up drivers for failing to “maintain the performance level” unsupervised that was demonstrated on an OJS day.

TDU has issued an OJS Tracking Sheet so you can document the tricks management may have used to jack up your SPORH on your OJS rides.

The OJS Tracking Sheet helps you keep a record if management inflated your SPORH by:

- Reducing the number of Next Day Airs
– Removing bulk stops
– Adding or removing splits
– Perfecting the load condition
– Changing your time out of the building
– Other changes to your load or route

The OJS Tracking Sheet also helps you document if the supervisor handles packages or assists you. The contract clearly states that, “If a supervisor assists a driver during an OJS, that day will not be used in determining a fair day’s work.”

The OJS Tracking Sheet includes space for comments from the driver and the loader too.

By using the OJS Tracking Sheet, you’ll have the records you need if the company tries to use your OJS to hold you to an inflated SPORH.

You can download a copy of the OJS Tracking Sheet here. Or order a copy from TDU at 313-842-2600.

Keep a copy in your truck along with your accident report. Pass copies out to other drivers. On your next OJS, track management like they track you. And get the data you need to protect yourself from production harassment.

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