Teamster Local Gives Management an OJS

New York Local 804 is giving on-car supervisors a taste of their own medicine.

Local 804 union reps tailed supervisors and videotaped them on OJS days. If UPS is really interested in “Failure to follow proper methods,” then they need to take a look at Local 804′s footage. UPS management denies that they alter drivers’ loads on OJS days. Local 804 video shows otherwise. While filming a supervisor working an OJS, union representatives spotted a second driver on the same route.

He had been given all of the bulk stops. Local 804 got footage of the bulk deliveries and fully-loaded hand truck along with the tracking numbers for all the packages.

“When management tries to tell us they don’t manufacture the loads on OJS days to spike member’s SPORH, I tell them I’ve got some video they need to see,” said Local 804 President Tim Sylvester.

Local 804 video teams have also captured managers violating UPS safety methods on using hand rails, three points of contact etc. on the same rides that they write up drivers for safety violations.

No local can tail UPS on every OJS ride. To help driver’s combat production harassment, Local 804 has produced a Daily Log Book for keeping daily records.

The log book includes an OJS checklist to document how management adjusted loads, made changes to the route, and other steps to inflate a driver’s SPORH.

“We’re arming members with the tools they need to document their day and protect themselves from unfair discipline,” said business agent Sam Cuevas.

“A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay is what it’s all about,” Cuevas said.

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