Tornado Strikes Near UPS Hub

UPS loves logistics. But does it care about its workforce?

An EF-4 tornado touched down dangerously close to the Earth City UPS hub in Missouri on April 22.  UPS Teamsters in the Midwest have been drilled to seek shelter in the inner office during a tornado. But when the real test came, safety took a back seat for UPS management.Yard shifters were sent messages to “hold their position” and part-timers were sent on their 10 minute break as high winds whipped around. The yard shifters were finally told to go in the wash tunnel while UPS management went into the inner offices.

Click here to see weather map that followed the tornado’s path which ran just south of UPS Earth City.  (The hub is located just above the “B” in “Bridgeton.”)

Major property damage occurred all around UPS and St Louis International Airport.  Thankfully no UPS employees were injured.

“If this doesn’t show just how little respect they have for their employees, I don’t know what does,” said Earth City feeder driver John Youngermann. “No one should be treated this way.”

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