Volume and Full-Time Jobs

Does Lower Volume Give UPS the Right to Cut 22.3 Jobs?
UPS has released its latest financial numbers and, as expected, volume and revenue are down. Some management officials claim this gives the company the right to lay off full-time combo employees.

But the contract and the record on this issue is clear: UPS has to create and maintain 20,000 Article 22.3 jobs. Period. Find out more about the language and arbitration that make this a winning issue for Teamster members. Argument Rejected in Arbitration

In 1997, UPS used the same “reduction of volume” argument to claim that the Article 22.3 full-time jobs clause was “null and void.” UPS and the union took the issue to arbitration.

After nine days of hearings, 23 witnesses, 124 exhibits and a transcript of 1,622 pages, the arbitrator ruled against UPS and ordered the company to create the full-time jobs. UPS had to pay back wages and benefits to employees who were denied the jobs.  

Volume Language Dumped from the Contract

The company’s “reduction of volume” argument is even weaker today than it was when it lost the arbitration case. Back then, UPS based its argument to the arbitrator on a contract language in Article 22.3 that said, “If there is a reduction in volume causing layoffs, the Employer’s obligations under this section shall be null and void.”

Even with this language, the company lost in arbitration. Since the arbitration, this language has been ELIMINATED from the contract. Look at Article 22.3 of the national agreement yourself.

The “reduction in volume” language has been replaced with language that says: “The number of full-time jobs created under Article 22, Section 3 of the 1997-2002 and the 2002-2008 Agreements shall not be reduced. Within sixty (60) days of the ratification of this Agreement the Employer shall provide the International Teamsters Union a report detailing and identifying the full-time jobs which will need to be maintained pursuant to this paragraph.”

Petition Drive To Enforce the Contract

Our contract language is clear and unambiguous. UPS is required to maintain 20,000 full-time combo jobs under Article 22.3. If UPS needs to reduce the workforce, it cannot do so by laying off full-time combo workers or refusing to bid and fill full-time combo positions.

Working Teamsters need good full-time jobs, in this economy more than ever. It’s time for our union to enforce the contract.

Teamster members across the country are signing a petition calling on the International Union to take action at the next national grievance panel in June. You can help.

Download a leaflet and petition today and stand up for full-time jobs. Petitions are due Friday, May 15.

Click here to download the Full-Time Jobs petition and leaflet.

Click here to download the 53-page arbitration decision ordering UPS to create the full-time jobs after the 1997 strike.

Click here to send us your comment or question on the UPS full-time jobs takeaway.

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