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Ron Carey Speaks Out on the Proposed Contract

Calling the proposed contract “a complete sellout,” Ron Carey is speaking out on the proposed UPS contract. Carey, the leader of the 1997 UPS strike victory and former General President, was interviewed by Labor Notes magazine on Friday, Oct. 26.
In the interview, Carey blasts the contract for surrendering our union’s 1997 strike gains, including 10,000 new full-time jobs and record pension increases. Carey says UPS’s designs on Teamster pensions are “not new” and points out that the proposed Central States pension would freeze benefits at the 1997 levels for 16 years.

As Local 804 President, Carey led a 13-week strike that won 25 & Out pension benefits for the first time. The proposed contract would eliminate 25 & Out pensions for new hires in Local 804—a move Carey calls, a “ripoff.”

Carey angrily accuses Local 804 officers of “selling out the future” because “they know they won’t be around to answer for their deal-making.”

Carey says UPS Teamsters can fight back and win, saying, “The fate of this contract is in the hands of the members. It is their job to reach out to the brothers and sisters and explain two simple facts. The union did not force UPS to put its best offer on the table and the membership has a right and the power to Vote No and to send the negotiators back to the bargaining table to win a fair contract that benefits all of the members.”

“When union leaders forget where they came from and aren’t doing the job, history has shown that members will fight for change,” Carey said. “Fortunately, UPS Teamsters don’t have to start from square one. They already have a national network in place: Teamsters for a Democratic Union.”

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57 Responses to Watch the Video:

  1. krusher400 says:

    I got to admit, RON CAREY is the man that showed UPS who the boss was..IM a 100% a RON CAREY man!!! We need him back in our union. MR. CAREY is one of the best TEAMSTER leaders, we have ever had. Who cares what local 391 says!!!!

  2. Cmunoz24 says:

    NOW thats who we need on our side! ROn carey would of turned this crap deal down in a blink of an eye. HEs even coming out saying what a crap offer this is. That should def help you understand what a piece of garbage deal UPS is tryin to seel to us. ROn carey needs to be president again.

  3. krusher400 says:


  4. mrfrank22 says:

    ron carey is the man i would like to re elect him as president of the union. i bet he would turn it down i a blink of an eye.

  5. 804Steward says:

    I hope every Teamster listened to Ron when he said "power and courage" that is what our so called leaders have forgotten……….Hoffa never restored the power because he never figured out that the power comes from us the members.

  6. Cmunoz24 says:

    hoffa is nothing but a sell-out collecting a pay-check! he will never live up to his fathers reputation. what a sell-out!

  7. Cmunoz24 says:

    THe thing i cant understand is Howard redmond who is the president of Local 804 is coming into my hub with tom connely a union delegate. Going around tellin people to vote yes. I mean how is it possible that our own executive boards are selling us out? They take our union dues and what are they doing for us? trying to push this contract through thats what! instead of fighting for us and standing up to hoffa there all sitting back collecting a pay-check. If this contract doesnt get turned down there is NO HOPE for this union. The next step that UPS will take is to break us apart! and slowly take away all our rights that were faught for 20 years ago! I really want to know when people will just say enough is enough and all come together. Im hoping that time is now. Im hoping we turn this crap contract down and we get a good contract that we deserve. I believe it what Ron Carey stands for! He represents the fight, passion , and courage we should all have in us to turn this contract down and make UPS give us the contract we deserve. WHy settle for anything less when this company is getting wealthy off the sweat off our backs. We have the power to make this happen if we all stand together! all locals from all across the USA spread the word and lets stand together, think about the future of our UNION and what will happen if this were to go through. LETs VOTE NO and turn this down!

  8. doobie32 says:

    I will never forget in 1997 when Ron Carey turned down their contract, UPS was pissed because Carey wouldn't let the members vote on it. Carey told them that if [i]he [/i]thought it was a terrible contract there is no way he could consciously give it to the members. That is the difference between Carey and Hoffa. Carey is thinking of the members and Hoffa is thinking of lining his pockets.

  9. purplefrog says:

    Ron we need you back!! This contract sucks!

  10. Brother Joe says:

    Carey for president. Impeach hoffa! Just yesterday a preload manager at ups was spouting propaganda against Carey & I told him Ron is a stand up guy! ups is still afraid of Ron Carey!

  11. 396watchdog says:

    This shows you how a real leader conducts himself. The Ron Carey flyers went out today, UPS management was scared by the thought of Ron Carey (not Ron Herrera) I may add. They cringed by the thought Ron Carey was possibly involved in this no Vote. Local 396 needs to learn from the teacher and stand up for the members. Local 804 carries the flag let's follow their lead. [color=#3333cc]VOTE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[/color]

  12. Cmunoz24 says:

    Another night at work another story i have to tell LOL here we go. Well remember how i told you that the president of local 804 and another guy name tom connely were going around my hub trying to sell the contract? Well heres the correction. Actually there was a meeting with Tony Do Nothing Donato ,Norm, LEo, Bill lanis and head of LP . They had a meeting with some drivers about the tentative agreement. They were in there trying to sell this garbage agreement to the drivers they invited to the meeting. I just think its hilarious HOW this contract is SO BAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that they need to not only send letters to us in the mail haha. But also hold PCM meetings with the drivers and try to seel the contract to them all sugar coated haha. All the givebacks we are getting is this agreement its incredible. But the big dogs say oh there has to be givebacks here and there to get certain things we want. OK then but explain to me how guys IN new york are recieving the same 35 cents that some guy is going to get in the west . In the west the 35 cents holds much more weight then it does here in NYC. Our union reps say it would be unfair for different areas to have diff raises. OK so if thats unfair then why are there fulltimers that make 22.00 dollars an hour who are working next to a part-timer doing the same work whos making 8.50 an hour. Isnt that unfair union reps? WOW think about that! In the PCM meeting that theses guys had with the drivers they were telling these guys not to worry about the new guys since thats not going to effect you. But guess what the new guys that you are telling these guys to forget about are the future of this company and this union. So how can we forget about the new guys? YOu tell me that ?For all Local 804 members out know that our executive board is trying there hardest to seel this contract. Make sure you all educate yourselves about whats going on and dont fall into the brainwash that theses union reps are going around doing. Oh and if you happen to get invited to a PCM meeting make sure you dont drink the coffee. Alot of drivers walked out different people after having that coffee i think the company is putting mind control drugs in the coffee to get these guys to vote yes. The company is throwing around that they have to cut costs all the time . OK well heres an idea why dont you offer us a good contract so that you can get guys that will want to work for UPS and actually stay so you dont have to waist 2,000 to 3,000 dollars per worker for cost of training them and then the same guy leaves a week later when he realizes what a crap contract hes in. theres a good way to save some money haha. what a joke! i really want to see where ups is going to get people if this agreement actually went through. I guess from jails and bums off the streets. The local 804 executive board are working so hard to send those letters saying vote yes what you should all do is retired already since all your doing is collecting paychecks. Oh and i have an idea for a good letter you can send the the members. Let the members know that once they get that big ol 35 cent raise , that there union dues will be going up. Tell them that im pretty sure that will make people real happy howard.Donato i didnt see any foster guys backing you up at the meeting in LI. You should come to maspeth so we can all give you a great big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! since your so loved at the maspeth hub. OH and one more thing Howard redmond you should make t-shirts and send them to the members on the left side a picture of you and the executive board eating donuts and on the other side a ups worker , and then it shows you guys with your hands in the ups workers pockets taking his money and with a gun to his head. then in captions it says VOTE YES to contract . i think that would make for a great t-shirt since this agreement is basically like a gun to all our heads. VOTE NO ! ALl that energy you spend trying to sell the contract you should be using to help educate members to vote NO . But i guess you are all afraid of your daddy MR HOFFA whos also just sitting around sipping on tea and eating crackers. TO all the 804 board dont forget about the oath you took when getting into office and dont forget where you came from and who put you where you are at today. Because as of right now you are breaking the oath you took and you are doing nothing but sell out the members. without our union dues you would have nothing! DO you jobs and stop selling this contract. VOTE NO and spread the word. This is a taste of whats going on in my hub and i know its going on in hubs across the USA . IF this contract was so good the company wouldnt be trying to sell it to us the way they are doing. The thing is the contract is so horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible that they are trying to sell it as much as possible because they all know this contract is a disgrace and nothing but a slap in the face to all Hard working UPS workers. Yeah so howards redmond says times are rough and we need to settle ok so times are rough huh ? well since your making 157,000 a year i dont think times are rough. Since you are getting rich off all our union dues! The company gets rick everyday off the sweat off our backs and we can benefit from that? why cant we benefit from that? why are all our executive boards getting rich off of us but there not doing anything for us? thats what i want 2 know ? WOW im annoyed! STOP CUTTING Deals and weaking our contracts executive boards and MR Hoffa especially over there cutting deals and taking a check under the table. The problem is that UPS and our own UNION are making deals and not fighting to get us what we deserve instead the UNION is giving givebacks and taking a check under the table. DONT FORget where you came from and who put you in office.

  13. Cmunoz24 says:

    Enough is enough already ! We need HOFFA to retire and we need a new general president until then hoffa is going to keep selling us out and leaving us out to ROTT!

  14. Cmunoz24 says:

    i just hope to god that this agreement gets turn down or at least the local 804 supplement gets turned down so we can make some change. but im really praying that this NO vote goes through because we all deserve better! the company is making record profits and we getting nothing but givebacks. I dont think so! if it wasnt for the Union members there would be NO UPS!


    [b]Dear Ron,

    We miss your leadership so much!

    Pat Franks[/b]

  16. Cmunoz24 says:

    LOL that was great lol hahah!

  17. Cmunoz24 says:

    i really wish that we had ROn carey on our side ! if we had ron none of this would be happening right now!

  18. jccuch says:


  19. true804member says:

    cmonoz24 im guessing your a part timer? if not sorry ,, but as a part timer I would agree with you 100% but im a fulltimer that voter NO on the national and YES on the supplement because of my pension I hope the national gets voted down ,,so they go back to the table again , if it doesn't we cant loss our 3600 pension or we will be like the central states and wait 15 years to get it back and loss more in language like we are now… plus lets hope 50% of our local votes last time was around 36% if so the international can step in and pass our supplement even if it gets voted down.

  20. Cmunoz24 says:

    true804member yes i am a part-timer going on 6 years with the company. yeah im hoping that the international agreement gets turned down im really praying for that.

  21. FeederSteward says:

    I have been a Ron Carey supporter form the start, but make no mistake, Carey mislead the members in 97, with the "Part-Time" issue as cause for the strike. We were on strike because of the pension, PERIOD! The company went after the pension back ion the early 80's, and were threated then, with a strike.

  22. FeederSteward says:

    The pension has been big business for the Teamsters for decades, and the reason Hoffa Sr is missing. I think we can do better if we send the company back to the table, but I also believe if the Teamsters were not in the pension business, they would have to be more like the UAW. That is the be in [b]"representing the members"[/b] business.

  23. largemarge says:

    I'm out of local 322.And most of the people think it's a bad contract. But they said ,don't worry it will pass anyway. Because there's to many people in the central states that would vote. And not enough people to care anywhere else to vote. Come on people vote this contract down. It takes us to stick together and not let hoffa sell us out. He forgets he works for us not the other way around. And this contract is bad.

  24. Cmunoz24 says:

    i totally agree with you people in my hub are saying the same thing . That people from central states will vote it through. But what i tell those people is this. Dont worry about what you cant control and start worrying about what you can control . Worry about you voting NO and spread the word to others about voting NO. there some people in central states that will vote yes but guess what there also alot that will vote NO so its a 50/50 thing . the the most important thing is that everybody needs to vote. ALl partimers inside the hubs across the states all need to vote NO on this . Part timers make up 65percent of the workforce so if we vote NO we can guaranteed send them back to the bargaining table.

  25. BrownClown says:

    At the meeting last Dec 17 the meeting where Howard the coward Redmond told us over and over that our pension was in great shape!

    He said UPS had no reason to cut it, he paid for actuaries (with our money) to look the pension over, and the actuaries reported back to him that our pension was fine and there was no need to cut it. He had the female attorney get up and say the same thing, that our pension was in great shape and there was no reason for UPS to cut it.

    Howie said, "it's good your pissed off and stay pissed off!"
    Howie also said: "if this pension ain't restored by Aug. 1 that local 804 will strike!" and the room went crazy.

    And now that scumbag tells us there is a problem!
    When was Howard the coward lieing? Last Dec. or now?

    Make no mistake about it, UPS made a smart chess move in cutting a healthy pension right before the contract. They are laughing there asses off at Teamsters that fall for this.
    It's all a big chess match, they just called check on our union. Is our rank and file members smart enuff to walk through the tear gas and vote hell no! Our leadership has jumped ship and joined the enemy. There is a power vacum in our leadership…it's just so ripe for someone to step in and take over. Someone with balls! We will vote that person in on a landslide. That vote is two years away.

    After a bold move like this, UPS surely has a back up offer all prepared.
    [ edited [time=short]1194118541[/time] ]

  26. 804Steward says:

    At last!!!!! I have been waiting for some one to remember that Howie had told us there was no need to cut the pension in the first place. How did we go from no need to cut it to ne eding millions to restore it? Instead of coffee they should start serving Kool-Aid at our meetings for all those members who think he supports Hoffa because he has to "protect" the local.

  27. FeederSteward says:

    I have been a Ron Carey supporter form the start, but make no mistake, Carey mislead the members in 97, with the "Part-Time" issue as cause for the strike. We were on strike because of the pension, PERIOD! The company went after the pension back ion the early 80's, and were threated then, with a strike. The pension has been big business for the Teamsters for decades, and the reason Hoffa Sr is missing. I think we can do better if we send the company back to the table, but I also believe if the Teamsters were not in the pension business, they would have to be more like the UAW. That is the be in "representing the members" business.

    do better if we send the company back to the table, but I also believe if the Teamsters were not in the pension business, they would have to be more like the UAW. That is the be in "representing the members" business.

  28. FeederSteward says:

    One other thing I might add. If we stay in CS and it goes belly up, ([b]which is where it's headed[/b]), do you think for a second any other conference will vote a contract down, when faced with a pension pull-out? I don't.

  29. true804member says:

    again brown clonw you have no clue of what your talking i will post my answer here i had for you the last time u said the same thing……… AND 804steward if you dont know why it was cut in the first place you are either not a steward in 804 or just dont care …..

  30. true804member says:

    First I have never missed a steward or general meeting in 10 years , its easy to call someone a coward on the computer , post your real name and ill walk u up to him the next meeting to tell it to his face,,, anyway ,, what he meant when he said our pension was ok was there was no reason to cut it with the contract coming up, because new money will go into the pension , also you wrote that it was UPS that planned this to happen , they always try to cut ever locals pension. But it always comes back at a dead lock. Now with the new pension laws UPS is willing to go to arbitration with it and role the dice. Our pension vote came back 4 to 2 allowing the 30%cut, local 177 in New Jersey came back 3 to 3 now they are in arbitration and UPS is asking for 35% cuts and age 62 , I guess UPS’s plan didn’t work there but now its in the hands of an arbitrator to decide the pension. I hope for them its ok .. the problem I have is Howie should have let us know earlier what was going on, we were left in the dark until the last minute. As far as our meeting on Dec 17 Howie said that if our pension was not restored back by aug 1 2008 he would not sign or approve the supplement ,, he never said strike ,,WE ALL CHANTED STRIKE which in turn would have held up the national agreement.. So true to his word he has done what he said he would , you may not like how he did it but he did. He knows the contract stinks but the position he is in if he says no to it then he’s saying no to restoring our pension. I have never voted for Hoffa and never will , the problem is , Hoffa he has to go……Also brownclown if our supplement doesn’t pass what the next move?? well if 50% of our local doesn’t vote Hoffa steps in and passes it anyway ,, if 50 do vote now we have to rely on our board and Hoffa to get something better… good luck ,,, Hoffa did not carry 804 in the last election so I don’t think he really cares what happens to us.. REMEMBER I DONT HAVE ALL THE ANSWER, AND IM NOT ALWAYS RIGHT BUT IM A TEAMSTER AND I CARE ,,

  31. 804Steward says:

    "true804" perhaps you need to read my post once again, Howie said that there was no need to cut the pension. So maybe you should ask him why he has 2 different stories, he blamed lc 447 and then blamed UPS, I watched him turn red screaming and cursing that it was everybody else's fault. Didnt the attroney agree that the was no need to cut it at the special meeting?
    Regardless, vote the supplement down and go back to the table.
    Being a "true 804 member" does not mean you have to back this board when they wrong. Being a true 804 member means standing up for the truth. The truth is this is not a "Fair contract" as they call it.

  32. true804member says:

    sorry 804 steward i didnt read or maybe understand your post at first,,, The reason Howie said there was no reason for a cut was because with the contract coming up money would go into the pension ,, this is not the first time our pension has be this low , its nothing new , get a pension raise 3300 to 3600 then it has to work its way back up . But this time would have been alot slower with the market drop off from what happen on 9/11 returns only around 3% in steady of the normal 9% in turn would mean no increase in the pension. and before the new pensions laws came in to affect if the pension dropped to low it was UPS's problem to bring the pension up with more money not the union ,,, that was changed with the new laws… I'm hoping that you are a steward for part timers were alot of this doesnt matter IF your not you owe it to your people to find out what , why and how come something happens and let them know..and believe me i know its a thank less job being a steward….. and again if what i type doesnt apply to you SORRY

  33. 1997 & PROUD says:

    Just wanted to thank Ron Carey for giving members of the IBT the "PRIDE" back they had been denide for so long before he was elected. We will never forget those "Proud to be a Teamster" years! I only wish we could have been smart enough to have elected another "REAL TEAMSTER" leader by the name of Tom Leeham and we could be experiancing that "PRIDE" again!!

  34. BrownClown says:

    Dear "true" it appears that you only heard what you wanted to hear at the meeting last Dec, Just ask FIVE people that were there last Dec…did Howie Redmond say: " if our pension is not restored by Aug 1. local 804 will be on strike" If those five people you ask were paying attention, they will tell you that is what Howie said. Howie Redmond with out a doubt, absolutely positively said that. That is a fact! Stop misleading people, leave that to UPS, Hoffa, Hall and Howie Redmond.

    Nevertheless, it appears you have your mind made up, with respect to what you wanted to hear. I want our pension restored just as bad as you do. And it will be restored, or we will simply keep voting no (and UPS knows this) or we will strike on Aug. 1.

    Why do you support a man (Howie) that clearly wants us to cut our own throat and the throats of the next man?

    Do you think it's good to loose over $2000 because our raise is paid in installments?

    Do you think it's ok to tell the next man he can't take his baby to the doctor for 18 months?

    Do you think it's ok to tell the next man he has to work till he's 55?

    You think it's ok to tell the next man he can't reach top pay for 3 years? Or make book for 50 days? That alone will create super runners doing 30 stops an hour for months!

    Thanks for the offer, but I don't need YOU to introduce me to Howie. Howie was in my bldg. this week, I refused to shake his hand. You're so friendly with him, ask him: Howie who was the guy that refused to shake your hand in Farmingville last week? [b]And when I get the chance I will call him a coward and a traitor on my own terms. [b]

    I sure as hell don't need your permission or introduction.

  35. BrownClown says:

    One of the main reasons UPS is in such a rush to jam this down our throats is the media. Can you picture the PR nighmare UPS will have when this is voted down? The headline: [b]Teamsters (the members anyway) vote NO to UPS contract.[/b] The media will have a field day. UPS will scramble to calm our customers down, out of fear of a strike.

    Does anyone really [i]really[/i] think UPS will come back with a contract with MORE give backs and concessions?
    They will probably wipe out half of the givebacks right off the top. Then it's up to our fearless crack negotiating team to get a fair contract, at the very least our new contract should be equal to our last contract…if UPS lost money, perhaps we should give a little…(you know like the airline workers and the car makers have to do once in awhile) but if UPS made record profits, maybe they should give us a little something extra.

  36. 396watchdog says:

    your right on target brownclown, UPS won't dare go on strike. UPS has stockholders to answer too

  37. doobie32 says:

    You guys do know that if this contract is voted down we will NOT go on strike. Remember, the contract isn't up till Aug of 2008. UPS and the union wants this done now because of the Pension laws going into effect in January. That's what this is all about. Getting this contract passed asap doesn't have anything to do to mollify the stock holders and customers as we are led to believe.

  38. BrownClown says:

    Of course we know that a no vote does not mean a strike. Come on, give us more credit than that. A no vote simply means that UPS will have to offer us a more fair contract…whish our union was suppose to make sure happened in the first place.

    The law change I'm sure is partly the reason they want to jam us with this. Any changes that take place in Jan. can very easily be fixed with money. Petty cash for UPS. UPS is very concerned with waht the public (customers) thinks, if the public gets wind that there [i][/i] might [i][/i] be a chance of a stike, they will want to correct it. They don't want any chance that the gravy train may slow down. When this is voted down, UPS will have the back up offer out very very quick.

    If they take back 2 or 3 of the conssesions it will probably pass next vote.

  39. mrfrank22 says:

    hey local 396 watch dog which hub do you work at? the reason i am asking is that i am also a member of local 396 working in grandevista hub. anyways i am spreading the word and letting the members know to vote no on this wack contract.

  40. true804member says:

    If they take back 2 or 3 of the conssesions it will probably pass next vote.??
    lets see what 2 or 3 things???

    Do you think it's good to loose over $2000 because our raise is paid in installments? [b][/b] thats national language

    Do you think it's ok to tell the next man he can't take his baby to the doctor for 18 months? [b][/b] thats national

    You think it's ok to tell the next man he can't reach top pay for 3 years? Or make book for 50 days? [b][/b] national

    I like how you say just keep voting NO and we will get what we want ,, just like local 25 last contract and the central states did over 11 years ago ,, that really worked.. Our only hope is if the international doesnt pass, as far as our supplement is only a page and a half long not much to change there. What makes any one think that UPS has to fix our pension ,, there never missed a payment .. The vote was a legal vote ( fixed im sure ) but legal ,they didnt fix the central states over 11 years ago. The only reason they are willing to fix our pension is to get an early contract and "like you said" not have bad press, and to look good ,, BUT if that doesnt happen all bets are off why would they care after that ,, we wont have any more pull after that. If the 18 million is not in by dec 31 2007 it will then cost UPS 60 million to make up the different because of loss interest the hole plan will loss and with the new pension laws they cant put large sums off money at one time has to be over time…. [b][/b] so lets see the international passes (most likely) our supplement doesnt .. UPS gets bad press ,,we go back to the table and ask for what ??? our pension has nothing to do with our supplement.. they take the money off the table ,, and now we have to rely on Hoffa and our Exec board to get something better are u kidding me( for the record im not friends with Howie only have said hello and goodbye to the man) then they have us vote we say NO back to the table we vote again we vote NO again THIS time the international can step in and pass our supplement if they feel its fair (like Hoffa really cares about us )and our pension stays the same 2520 not 3600 but at least the new guys get 25 and out and they get coffee… wait one last hope if 50% of our members dont vote the first time around the international can step in and pass it anyway… Brown Clown i know you care and want whats best for our local and i hope we get it.. But the truth is we dont know what will happen if our supplement doesnt pass I feel the will hang us out the dry Howie retires with his 2 pensions and we are left with nothing … Thats why i feel Howie knows we are lucky to get our pension back and make it stronger. UNLESS THE INTERNATIONAL IS VOTES DOWN good luck……..

  41. BrownClown says:

    I remain optimistic. I respect your view, but it is an absolute worst case scenario. I don't feel our pension is in as bad shape as you feel, we are all a little on edge. When you have an extremely healthy company like UPS it's very unlikely that we will get completly screwed, even with our union selling us out.

  42. FeederSteward says:

    [b]Our pension is 45% vested[/b]. You think that's good?

  43. true804member says:

    What I can tell you is that if our supplement is passed with the 18 million from UPS , 10 cents the first year from our 70 cents raise and 70 cents from health and welfare going in to the pension and with a 4% return on investments our pension will be funded over 80% in about 2 years. When its at 80% you can ask for a raise in the pension. So right around the time of 804 elections there will be a vote out there for us to vote on ,, which will be 1. A raise in our pension or 2. to give back 25 and out to new people and coffee….. cant wait to see how that vote goes ……

  44. BrownClown says:

    What pension are you in? In 804 we're at almost 70 %

  45. semperfidelis42 says:

    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
    Bible, 1 Timothy 6:10

  46. Rockhound says:

    Since you desire to bring scripture into this, I implore you to go back to Genesis and read the story of Jacob and Laban. Seems to me a clear lesson in not to trust your employer. They tend to go back on their word. Your teacher Paul, writing to Timothy, gives good advice on the danger of "the love of money", but just about anything could have been inserted there. We need money to support our families?? I don't think one would be guilty of this because he desires a fair share of the success in which he takes part.
    A better admonition at this time would be from your friend James in chapter 5 when he addresses the Rich Opressors and how they "should weep and howl for their miseries that will come upon them" V.1. Read the gospels and ask yourself who Yeshua condems when speaking of the rich. Employee or employer? He counsels a [u][b]Rich Ruler[/b][/u] in Luke 18, telling him to sell his belongings and give it to the poor.

  47. Teamster Consci says:

    Thanks Ron for standing up to UPS in 1997! You will forever be our hero! Also thanks for taking your time and giving us your thoughts on the current agreement! You've got to be hopping mad about the direction our once great union is taking! Hopefully the UPS members are a lot smarter than our current leadership and will turn down this tentative agreement! The pullout of the multi-employer Central States plan must make your blood boil…it does mine! Thanks again Ron! MEMBERS….VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. semperfidelis42 says:

    yes i meant it in the sense of how the company in whole desires it so much that they dont want to share it with there members. but luke18 i like much better thats a good find.But james chapter 5 is more of what i was steering towards thanks for that post.

  49. semperfidelis42 says:

    im going to read that in the bible today thanks for that post !

  50. FeederSteward says:

    Central States is 45% funded.

  51. FeederSteward says:

    When the Pension Reform Act goes in to effect, underfunded pensions have to show the govt what they will do to get funding up. At 45% funding, all CS will be able to do is cut benefits. With 31 years in, I am not going to risk what I have worked for, to dwindle away.

  52. makeupsdeliver says:

    From the Make UPS Deliver Administrator

    Fortunately for Teamsters in the Central States, Feeder Steward is misinformed. The Central States Pension Fund is NOT 45 percent funded. The Director of the Fund recently put out a notice making it definitively clear that the fund will not be in the Red Zone. The Central States fund has already adopted a plan for increasing benefits and its assets are up by 50 percent. There will NOT be a new round cuts in the Central States after January 1. To see the statement, go to

  53. FeederSteward says:

    Maybe you should read a little closer.
    From the bulliten:
    "And, if the recently announced agreement
    with UPS is ratified by UPS employees, the near-term funding status of the Pension
    Fund will further improve due to the receipt of $6.1 billion in a lump sum withdrawal
    liability payment and the transfer of certain early retirement liabilities from the Central
    States Plan to the UPS Plan. Our actuaries' estimate that after the transfer of liabilities
    and the UPS payment, the Pension Fund's funding ratio as of January 1, 2008 should
    exceed 70% and may reach 75% if we meet our actuarial assumptions". Seems to me it's gonna take the 6.1 billion to get them at 70%, but what do I know?

    Seems to me by that statement, they are counting on the 6.1 bill

  54. FeederSteward says:

    Admin, what do you think it's at now, if it's going to take $6,0000,0000,000+ to get it to 70%? Uh, maybe around 45%, but I'm misinformed, right?
    They did say [b]AFTER [/b]the transfer.

  55. SEMPERFIDELIS42 says:

    Well all I know is that i hope and pray that this agreement gets turned down . So that we can all get the GOOD contract that we all deserve and nothing less.

  56. FeederSteward says:

    So 6 billion+ is [b]ONLY[/b] going to get it from 63% to 70%. Give me a break.

  57. makeupsdeliver says:

    The Central States Pension Fund is currently funded at 63 percent.

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