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Posted By makeupsdeliver On November 1, 2007 @ 4:35 am In Video | 57 Comments

Ron Carey Speaks Out on the Proposed Contract

Calling the proposed contract “a complete sellout,” Ron Carey is speaking out on the proposed UPS contract. Carey, the leader of the 1997 UPS strike victory and former General President, was interviewed by Labor Notes magazine on Friday, Oct. 26.
In the interview, Carey blasts the contract for surrendering our union’s 1997 strike gains, including 10,000 new full-time jobs and record pension increases. Carey says UPS’s designs on Teamster pensions are “not new” and points out that the proposed Central States pension would freeze benefits at the 1997 levels for 16 years.

As Local 804 President, Carey led a 13-week strike that won 25 & Out pension benefits for the first time. The proposed contract would eliminate 25 & Out pensions for new hires in Local 804—a move Carey calls, a “ripoff.”

Carey angrily accuses Local 804 officers of “selling out the future” because “they know they won’t be around to answer for their deal-making.”

Carey says UPS Teamsters can fight back and win, saying, “The fate of this contract is in the hands of the members. It is their job to reach out to the brothers and sisters and explain two simple facts. The union did not force UPS to put its best offer on the table and the membership has a right and the power to Vote No and to send the negotiators back to the bargaining table to win a fair contract that benefits all of the members.”

“When union leaders forget where they came from and aren’t doing the job, history has shown that members will fight for change,” Carey said. “Fortunately, UPS Teamsters don’t have to start from square one. They already have a national network in place: Teamsters for a Democratic Union.”

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